'Running Alpha without going to a conference, is like driving a car without taking lessons.'

Nicky Gumbel

Churches that have attended an Alpha Conference prior to running the course have experienced a far higher degree of success and often considerable church growth.

The conference looks at the principles and practicalities of running an Alpha course. It also looks at how to maximize the potential of an existing course, how to avoid burnout and how selecting and training your team can dramatically effect the success of your course.

If you are unable to attend an Alpha Conference, it is available on video and audio tape: ¡mHow to run an Alpha Course?¡nor you can find all the talks in the book ¡mTelling Others¡n.

What is Alpha? Booklet
(also available in Traditional & Simplified Chinese)

Designed to be given away to those interested in joining a course. It includes brief testimonies, newspaper quotes and endorsements.

  Alpha Course Hong Kong Ltd. is a charitable organization and all donations will be exempted from tax under Inland Revenue Ordinance 88 of the HKSAR Government.