The first Alpha Course in prison in Hong Kong starts on 3 August, 2002 in Ma Po Ping Prison, on Lantau Island. 19 inmates have signed up to attend the Course.

Rev. Paul Cowley who heads up Alpha in Prison at Alpha International will be in Hong Kong as one of the speakers at the Alpha Conference. A seminar on "Alpha in Prison" will be added to the Conference schedule. Immediately following the Conference 3rd November) , Rev. Cowley will speak at an evangelistic meeting in one of the bigger prisons in Hong Kong.

The Alpha Course in prison is made possible with the Alpha talks in VCD dubbed in both Mandarin and Cantonese. We envisage a steady growth in Alpha in Prison in the coming years.

Running Alpha for Prisons Leaders' Guide

Proves invaluable advice on setting up an Alpha course in a prison context. Includes sections on how to fit an Alpha course into a prison regime, how to follow-up an Alpha course, how to encourage people onto a course and how to get started.

Caring for Ex-offenders Manual

Designed to help those wishing to get involved in reintegrating men and women into society once released. Covering pre-release steps, discipleship and support, working with sex offenders and receiving those who have just left prison into your church.


  Alpha Course Hong Kong Ltd. is a charitable organization and all donations will be exempted from tax under Inland Revenue Ordinance 88 of the HKSAR Government.