Prayers for your Alpha course is essential. In these resources from HTB, gives the theology behind corporate prayer and offers practical advice on how to get started.

The Church on Its Knees

How do we develop effective prayer? How do we learn to pray together? How can we make prayer meetings dynamic and enjoyable? What could prayer accomplish in your church?


Prayer Ministry Training

The Prayer Ministry Training Course is for anyone who wants to learn how to give and receive in this crucial area of ministry. The course was developed at Holy Trinity Brompton to train existing home group leaders and members to pray for people in a home and church environment.

The course cover the theology of prayer ministry and suggest a simple model for anyone unfamiliar with this type of ministry. The following issues are covered in the talks:

  • Helping someone becomes a Christian
  • Prayer for someone to be filled with the Holy Spirit
  • Prayer for healing
  • Listening to God



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