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From Vision to action english

From Vision to Action is a practical and encouraging 'how to' for turning vision into reality and managing church growth. Tricia Neill draws on more than twelve years' experience at Holy Trinity Brompton to produce a booklet than offers valuable insights for churches of all sizes.

After attending teacher training college, Tricia Neill taught both in the UK and overseas, was Exhibition Director for a private exhibition company, and went on to head up Rupert Murdoch's News International Exhibitions divisions. She joined the staff of Holy Trinity Brompton in 1994 and is now Executive Director of Alpha Internationl.


Faith which overcomes the world english

Fr. Raniero Cantalamessa, O.F.M. Cap, serves as the Preacher to Papal Household, having been appointed by Pope John Paul II in 1980. Fr. Raniero was confirmed as Papal preacher by Pope Benedict XVI and he started preaching in his presence during Advent 2005.

The Collection english

This is a collection of extracts from talks given at HTB by a number of well-known speakers on different areas of the Christian life, such as J.John, John Wimber, Steve Chalke, Bishop Lesslie Newbigin and Sandy Millar.

The Da Vinci Code - a response

  • What is the Da Vinci Code about?
  • What does Dan Brown himself believe?
  • Is there any evidence that Jesus married Mary Magdalene?
  • Did an earlier form of Christianity exist?
  • Where does the truth lie?

In this short response Nicky Gumbel addresses these and other questions raised by the bestselling hardback fiction book of all time.

This publication is not produced in conjunction with, or endorsed by, Dan Brown or any entity connected with The Da Vinci Code.

How to Revolutionise Your Relationships english

The Christian faith affects the whole of our lives. Nicky Gumbel considers what Paul's letter to the Ephesians has to say about how we relate to others in three areas:

  • Husbands and wives
  • Parents and children
  • Employers and employees

What does it mean to 'submit' in marriage? As adults, how do we honour our parents? These and other questions are considered in this informative booklet and show how Paul's advice to the Ephesian church 2000 years ago, is still relevant and challenging for us today.

How to Resist Temptation english

  • What is temptation?
  • Where does evil come from?
  • How do we trust God when we are struggling with temptation?

In this short booklet, Nicky Gumbel considers what Paul's letter to the Ephesians has to say about resisting temptation. Where does evil come from? How do we trust God when we are struggling with tempations? These and other questions are considered in these informative booklets and show how Paul's advice to the Ephesian church 2 000 years ago, is still relevant and challenging for us today.

Cafe Theology english

In Cafe Theology, Mike invites us to grab a cappuccino and travel with him on a mind-stretching journey from Creation to New Creation, offering a rich and human view of life and Life-Giver. This is a unique journey because Mike has an inimitable gift for mixing insightful theology with unflinching honesty and a fantastic sense of humour, often bordering on a darkish shade of grey.

Whether we've been on the Christian journey our whole life, we're just starting out or we haven't even bought a ticket, this extraordinary book is applicable to our ordinary lives, longings, and in Mike's words, "our feeble and frustrated fumblings after an understanding of who we are and what we are for".

"This book is ideal for those wishing to explore theology more deeply. Mike's wit, sense of humor and anecdotes from everyday life make this book both accessible and challenging."
Nicky Gumbel


Discovering Truth in a changing world english

  • What is the purpose of human life?
  • Why are we here?
  • Does the Christian message having anything to say to a society marked by religious pluralism, ethnic diversity and cultural relativism?
  • Is it possible even to talk about truth in such a society?

Lesslie Newbigin presents the Christian story as a lens through which to view both God and the world. He demonstrates that Christianity is a viable way to live one's life today, and that Christians need not retreat to a private world where faith is presumed to be 'mere opinion'.


Living Hope in a changing world english

  • Is Christianity a valid option for the 21st century?
  • Do faith and science contradict each other?
  • What about all the people religions?
  • How does Christianity fit into the free market?

Can the Christian message offer living hope in an increasingly complex and hopeless world? Lesslie Newbigin presents the gospel as the public truth by which our society can be given coherence and direction.

Spiritual Fitness english

Physical fitness is a modern preoccupation, as the growth of the gym culture only goes to prove. But what about spiritual fitness? Graham Tomlin draws a parallel between the two and shows a church which makes spiritual health a priority will have more impact, more appeal and more relevance in today's culture.

A glimpse into church history reveals that spiritual fitness is nothing new: in the early church and during the Reformation there was a marked concentration on building Christian character and developing a distinctive lifestyle. Rediscovering such an emphasis today is vital, argues the author, not only for the church itself but for society as a whole. This is a very practical book, pointing the way for churches to become centres of vitality and agents for change.

'Graham Tomlin lays out an exciting new vision for presonal growth and spiritual development.'
Nicky Gumbel

GRAHAM TOMLIN is Principal of St. Paul's Theological Centre, based in Holy Trinity Brompton in London. He is also an Associate Lecturer at Wycliffe Hall, Oxford, and has taught in the Theology Faculty in Oxford University for many years.


The Provocative Church english

The Provocative Church offers a liberating understanding of evangelism as a corporate activity, in which all the gifts needed to enact the life of the Kingdom - to stir people into asking, 'What does this mean?' - are spread throughout the whole Church. It encourages the development of a theology of conversion that sees beyond 'becoming a Christian' to bring each individual life increasingly under the rule of God.

Luther and his world english

Have you ever wanted accessible introductions to the key figures and periods of Christian history? If so, then the Lion Histories series is for you.

Main features include:

  • Expert authorship
  • Easy-to-read text that brings the past to life
  • Focus on people and their stories
  • Wonderful full-colour art and photography

Martin Luther is one of the most influential characters of the last millennium. He cannot claim credit of blame for the whole of what eventually become Protestantism, but as one who played a critical role in the emergence of a new Church and a new way of life for millions of people, the impact of his actions and beliefs on the past 500 years has been incalculable. In this engaging book, Graham Tomlin paints a vivid picture of Luther's life, from his early struggles with faith to his emergence as the leading figure in the dramatic change and division engendered by Reformation. The person revealed here is by turns obstinate, sensitive, blunt and determined - a man of faith willing to risk all for his convictions.

Jesus Never Left China -
The Rest of the Story

Underground churches. Secret meetings. Government persecution. Is this your picture of the Chinese church? Since the dark days of the Cultural Revolution, another China has emerged.

  • Churches regularly reopen.
  • Millions of Christians worship freely.
  • Bibles and New Testaments roll off the press.
  • China's new constitution guarantees religious freedom.
  • Westerners are welcome - if they work openly and legally.

Dr. Burklin exposes these and other seldom-reported truths about China. He also scrutinizes secret orders and "Falun Gong", shedding new light on persecution. While the church enjoys relative freedom, it also faces danger from within. In this fascinating book, Dr. Burklin focuses on the tremendous change in China - and the opportunities that it presents.

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